Jerry Lee & Wonsulting: Unfair Advantages

What is Jerry trying to solve?

Job searching sucks. It’s a decades-old problem. There are many thousand-pound gorillas in the space, but the problem still exists.

With the recent democratization of AI, there is a new opportunity for startups to come in and try to disrupt the status quo and introduce new innovative ideas to solve the challenges faced by both the job seeker and the recruiter.

Jerry has been in the career consulting space for the last 4 years, helping countless job seekers up-level themselves, and their careers while building Wonsulting.

Jerry’s goal is to utilize the new AI tools that are being created in the open-source space to allow him to scale what Wonsulting has done successfully to a much broader audience at a lower price point. Having just launched a few months ago, he already has signs that the market wants what he is creating!

Why Jerry?

  • He is incredibly smart
  • He has determination I’ve seen only in exceptional founders
  • He has a clear and consistent commitment to social good
  • He has a proven track record of success in building Wonsulting to a profitable company on the consulting side
  • He has been working in the hiring space for 3+ years and knows it VERY well
  • He has been solving the exact problems for his clients at Wonsulting for the last 3 years, he knows the problem inside out.

What are Jerry’s Unfair Advantages?

  • An unfair advantage in hiring
  • ~One of the toughest challenges in startups is hiring. Jerry has the intersection of being mission-driven AND the ability to reach millions with any job he opens up.
  • An unfair advantage in the type of people following him
  • ~People that follow and engage with him are largely those in tech and higher-paying jobs.
  • An unfair advantage in recruiting customers — his followers are his customers.
  • ~He doesn’t need to spend money to get customers. He just churns out content and people find him organically.
  • An unfair advantage in talking to the right people
  • ~He can reach out to almost anyone in the hiring world and they will either already know who he is or stalk him and become intrigued by his social media presence.

Will these advantages last?

The job seeker market has inherent high turnover — people aren’t always looking for jobs. However, Jerry has an unfair advantage here —  his lead-gen efforts are free because of his platforms and his influence, if dollars are put to it, will only increase. He has the trust of the job seeker, and that is an ever-changing niche, so there will be a continual supply of new people entering the market that he can work with. This also means the same content he creates, he can adapt to new job seekers and it will continue to resonate.

Following current trends, AI models and the ability to build on top of them will be democratized heavily. That means the people that will win in the space of ‘applying’ ai models to different use cases are those that 1) have the ability to reach customers the fastest and 2) have the experience to build a compelling product. I believe Jerry has both.

What are the challenges Jerry will have to overcome?

  • Recruiting space is HARD to innovate in. Old problems that have not been solved.
  • All these problems he is trying to solve have existed for the last 20+ years and no one has been able to solve them effectively
  • What are the exit opportunities?

There are few companies trying to help the job seeker through search and improve their careers at scale. I’ve seen so many of my colleagues have trouble finding jobs out of college, and I’ve seen the struggles with hiring on the other side. It’s a broken system. I’m excited to see the solutions that Wonsulting creates and for the thousands (and hopefully millions) of people he will help along the way!

If you believe anything I’ve written above is incorrect or would like to chat about Wonsulting, AI, ed tech, or public safety, reach out to me: neal [at] prepared911 [.] com!