GHP #83 - Saving Lives & Re-Inventing Emergency Services with Neal Soni!

Prepared is a start-up building technology to better connect citizens to the US emergency calling system. Currently, 911 call centers are technologically antiquated and unable to accept anything besides calls. Prepared’s services allow 911 dispatchers to send callers a text that connects them to a web app, where they can upload images, videos, GPS location, and even message back and forth.

Born out of personal experience - as Neal was a student in Westport schools during the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre — today over 30 cities have signed up for Prepared’s services to help keep schools and citizens safer.

We sit down with Neal to discuss the journey to building Prepared. He details the personal life experiences that led him and his co-founders to build on the idea, how Prepared is actively saving lives, issues with the emergency services infrastructure, and much more.


1:55 - Intro to Neal
3:50 - Idea behind 'Prepared'
6:40 - Issues with the Emergency Infrastructure
8:50 - How 'Prepared' Works
11:50 - Building out the Founding Team
16:55 - Conflict Resolution in Teams
21:50 - Determining the Company Culture
23:05 - Hiring Engineers in Tech
31:49 - Buy vs. Build
34:29 - Work-Life-Balance
39:45 - Wealth Creation
43:53 - Lightning Round